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Youth Therapeutic Solution Coaching

Youth Therapeutic Solution Coaching intervention uses a range of

Therapeutic and Youth Work Skills, utilising different environments with Informal Education at its heart. This provides a flexible, dynamic and accessible way of proactively insuring that Young People can access therapy in an environment that is formable to where they are emotionally.

Using the Youth Therapeutic Solution Coaching we have developed an understanding of what curriculum-based youth work is about. To effectively plan, deliver and evaluate successful curriculum-based youth work alongside therapeutic intervention.

The essence of Youth Therapeutic Solution Coaching

To insure the young person is at the centre of the intervention not the issue.

To focus on capability rather than difficulties.

To work in the present and focus on the future

To focus on the positive and identify what is already working.

LifetrainUK offers a range of interventions that include

One to One therapy.

Staff/Parent strategic support to enable them to work therapeutically with young people within the home environment.

Workshops on specific issues e.g. CSE, Sexual Health, Managing Relationships, Teamwork and Preparing for Independence.

Offering support and services when homes are in difficulties e.g. Managing Behaviours.

Teambuilding days.


Residential’s with young people offering Informal Education

Range of outdoor activities to offer opportunities to develop transferable skills.

Scuba Diving using therapeutic games

Opportunities within the community for young people to volunteer.

Telephone support on a day to day bases when required.

AQA unit award to offer accreditation learning for young people and staff.

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Foundation Therapeutic Practitioner Award

Advanced Therapeutic Practitioner Award

LifetrainUK offers therapeutic experiences which are transparent with Young People at its focus. We recognise that in our care we have some of the most vulnerable and challenging young people.

In order to offer the most cohesive of care packages to ensure that individuals move measurably forward, we use a model of therapy that within it offers a plethora of options. Within LifetrainUK it is recognised that it isn’t one fit for all, many Young People are resistant to formal therapeutic interventions. Our experience indicates that formal therapeutic interventions breakdown for a range or reasons these include:

Young Person not wishing to engage with formal therapy.

Young Person’s level of trauma is too high and not wanting to re-live past experiences.

Young Person not emotionally ready to engage.

Young Person’s behaviour is not able to cope with formal setting.

Young Person feeling it’s an extension of a social work intervention.